Causey Reservoir

Causey Reservoir is a great little lake just east of Huntsville, UT, and on 3 Feb 07, Tracy and I took a day-hike out there.  I’ve been reading news stories about mountain lions out there, so, of course, I had faint hopes.  We didn’t see any signs of cats, but we had a really nice hike.  There were lots of cars around the lake, but we didn’t see one other person on the 3 hour hike.  I guess the people were all ice fishing on the lake, although it didn’t seem like we saw as many ice fishermen as we did cars.  Tracy was too scared to walk on the frozen lake to get to the back end of the reservoir, so we hiked the trail along the south side of the lake to (and I LOVE the name of this river) the Right Fork of the South Fork of the Ogden River.  The snow wasn’t too bad at all; in fact, in some places there were patches of ground.  Once we got back down to the river, Tracy decided she could try walking back to the car via the frozen lake.  My first attempt at getting out on the lake resulted in me falling in up to my right knee as Tracy just stood there and watched me.  After convincing her to help keep me from dying, I was able to find a better place to get out on the lake.  We then walked around on the lake, checked out the Left Fork of the South Fork of the Ogden River, and then headed back to the car.  This was a really nice winter hike that’s not too far from home, not crowded, and not too snowy.

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Causey reservoir

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Causey reservoir 41.288840, -111.582470 Causey Report Causey Report (Directions)


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