Bob Marshall Packrafting

A packrafting trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness of northern Montana. This was a tough and exciting trip.


The mountains of Norway host glaciers, bright blue-green lakes, and expansive views. I can't wait to explore more of this beautiful country.

Packrafting Gates of the Arctic

A packrafting and backpacking trip in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska...this was epic.

Beartooth Plateau

The Beartooth Plateau competes with the Winds and the Sierra Nevadas as the prettiest mountain range in North America. Add it to your bucket list.

Wind River Range

The Wind River Range is an incredible trip and its iconic granite basins and glaciers are a bucket list hike.

Banff and Jasper

Want to fill up a 32GB memory card with pictures? Then take a trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks. The mountains and glaciers and lakes and rivers will leave you inspired.

New Zealand

New Zealand was one of those perfect outdoor vacations. With mountains and glaciers and fjords and oceans and huts and nice people, New Zealand simply can't be beat.

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Magical Moments
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2014 Backcountry Fatality Statistics
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