About the website and me

Welcome to Outside By Nature, where you’ll find lots of trip reports and photographs from trails I’ve hiked and trips I’ve taken.  These reports will give you an idea of what to expect on a particular trail, as well as some of the things I experienced on the trail. I also include maps of the location of the trailhead, and for a few of the trails I have GPS track DSC01775-Editlogs of the hike itself.  I’m also a serious gear nerd, so you’ll find some useful gear reviews here.

A little about me: I began hiking in the Appalachians when I was just eight years old.  After graduating from college, I moved out west where I lived in Colorado and Utah for 12 years.  I completely fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and the canyons of southern Utah, spending almost every weekend traipsing around the mountains or the desert.

But the southeast is still home, and I recently moved back to the south, where I now enjoy kayaking, caving, and hiking around my old stomping grounds.

In my 35 years of backcountry experience I have amassed a lot of information and knowledge that I enjoy sharing with others.  Most of my experience is in backpacking, but I am gaining experience in caving and kayaking.  I am a teacher at heart, and it’s a fundamental part of my nature to be outside, so I hope these pages can help others appreciate the great outdoors.

I want the outdoors to retain their wildness, though, which is risky with a website like this.  So I hope everyone who uses the information found here will be responsible while in the backcountry.  Respect the wilderness and respect your fellow users.  Don’t ever litter, and pick up the litter from other inconsiderate people.  Follow the Leave No Trace principles. Simply, be responsible.

DSC01935And please be careful with the information you find on this site.  Most of the trips are in remote wilderness locations, so you must be experienced in the backcountry in order to avoid life-threatening problems.  It should go without saying, but you must accept personal responsibility for how you use the information you find here, and I cannot be held liable for anything that goes wrong from using this information.  Remember, there will almost never be cell phone coverage at any of these locations, there will rarely be other people to help, there could be dangerous animals, trails can be confusing, and the weather can kill.  If these things make you uncomfortable, please find someone who is experienced in the backcountry to take you on some trips before you attempt any of these trips on your own.

But the world out there is amazing.  There are phenomenal views to be seen and magical experiences to be had.  So read on, get inspired, and enjoy this beautiful planet.

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