Honeycomb Trail

On December 2, 2017, we met some friends and hiked the Honeycomb Trail along Guntersville Lake.  This trail was recently opened by TVA, and we wanted to check it out.  It’s about 9.5 miles long, starting from Hwy 431 and going to the dam.  We expected it to have nice views of the lake with the leaves off the trees, but the trail rarely went close enough to the lake for any good views. 

It was a little hard to know which way the trail went right from the beginning as it cut underneath power lines, but we managed to find the trail.  The route mostly just contoured around the ridges above the lake.  There were a couple of places where the trail intersected old roads, and the intersections were not properly marked.  In fact, there were several intersections that caused us to go the wrong way and have to backtrack to find the correct trail.

The trail dropped down near the lake closer to the dam, but by then we had been hiking for 8 miles, and we didn’t much care anymore. 

All in all, the hike was pleasant, the weather was great, and the friends were the best, but the trail wasn’t all that much.  We wanted more views of the lake and better route identification.  We enjoyed the hike, but I doubt we’ll ever do it again.

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