Blisters have always been a problem for my wife.  She’s tried moleskin, Band-Aid blister pads, and just about anything else handy.  But none of those options worked very well.  A couple of years ago we discovered Leukotape, and now she’s surprisingly happier while backpacking.  The Leukotape stays on her feet longer than moleskin alone, and it does a great job of keeping moleskin in place, even when wet.  I’ve worn Leukotape for two or three days of backpacking before it finally starts to come off. 

I highly recommend Leukotape for managing blisters and other impact foot problems.  The balls of my feet often get bruised after several days of pounding in my rigid midsole boots, so I’ve found that putting some thick molefoam on my feet and taping it down with Leukotape works wonders.  And my wife has managed her blister problem by taping her toes with the Leukotape and taping down moleskin on the balls of her feet.

We’ve learned to put the tape on at the very beginning of the trip…there’s no sense in waiting for problems to develop before dealing with them in the backcountry.  And then we keep our feet taped up throughout the trip.  This has made our feet much happier for much longer.

So, check out Leukotape if you’re having blisters, cuts, or bruising on your feet.  It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.


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