Little East Fork Blacks Fork

On June 22, 2013, I did a solo overnighter at Little East Fork Blacks Fork.  I had hiked at the trail once before, but I hadn’t been up Little East Fork.  The hike was mostly uneventful, but there were multiple crossings of Little East Fork.  I opted to skip trying to keep dry and just elected to march through the knee-deep crossings.  I ended up hiking in about 6 or 7 miles and then backtracking a couple of miles and setting up camp in a large meadow just outside the Wilderness boundary.  I saw some elk and a moose and enjoyed the large full moon until the cold wind sent me into the tent.  This was my first cold night with my new sleeping bag, so I was anxious to see how well it would do.  My thermometer showed that it got down to around 32 inside the tent, and when I woke up all the wet stuff was frozen…and I didn’t get cold in my bag.  That was nice.  This new bag is definitely warmer and lighter than my old bag.  That’s a good thing.

This trail is pretty nice, and the creek crossings kept all the people away, so I had the trail to myself.  That’s a good weekend.

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