Robber’s Roost Canyon

The weekend of 23 Oct 09, Tracy and I headed to the Angel Cove Trail in Robber’s Roost in southern Utah. We had hiked here before, but this time we wanted to actually make it into Robber’s Roost Canyon. We spent Friday night in Green River (as always), and then headed to the trail on Saturday morning. We hiked down to the small cliff that had stopped us last time from continuing to the Dirty Devil River but this time we didn’t have any real problems getting down the drop-off. I had brought some rope but we didn’t need it. Tracy had to lower both our packs to me, but the drop off wasn’t high enough to need the ropes. Then we crossed the Dirty Devil, which was only about knee deep. There was a trail on the opposite side of the river, and we followed that through the thick underbrush all the way to Robber’s Roost Canyon. We hiked about 30 minutes up Robber’s Roost then had to turn around to make it back to the truck before dark. The hike along the river and the short way we went up Robber’s Roost were okay. We decided, though, that we really like hiking on the slickrock above the river better. I really like this area, though, and the solitude out there is completely unbelievable…it gets high marks in my books for the simple fact that we only saw two other sets of tracks on the trail that were probably several days or weeks old, and absolutely no other signs of people. When we crossed the Dirty Devil on our way back, my feet and my sandals got REALLY muddy, so I tried to wash them off in the clear water of Beaver Wash. Unfortunately, I got caught in quick sand…good times! Actually, I had always wanted to get caught in quicksand, so I really enjoyed it! I sunk up to just above my ankle on my right foot, but was eventually able to get out. Tracy didn’t come help me because she thought my cries for help were just a joke…I gotta stop being silly about those kinds of things!

After getting back to the truck, we drove to Torrey and spent the night. We got up on Sunday and hiked in Capitol Reef National Park at the Old Wagon Trail and Capitol Wash. The hikes were nice but there were far more people there than I like. It wasn’t horrible most of the time, but if I’m going to drive that far, I expect to get away from people. Capitol Reef might be good in the dead of winter, but otherwise I think I can mark it off the list.

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Robber's Roost

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Robber\'s Roost 38.305360, -110.547780 Robber\'s Roost ReportRobber\'s Roost Canyon ReportDirty Devil Report (Directions)

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