Shoshone Geyser Basin

The weekend of August 14, 2009, Tracy and I went to Yellowstone to finally hike to Shoshone Geyser Basin. I had wanted to do this for a few years, but the weather never seemed to cooperate. We car-camped outside of Island Park, ID, on Friday, and started the trail early on Saturday morning. We hiked the 9 miles out to the geyser basin, but the trail was fairly flat and easy. We had the basin completely to ourselves, and it was really cool. Minute Man Geyser was erupting the whole time, and that was cool. After leaving the basin, we checked out Shoshone Lake, and then back-tracked 2 miles back to our campsite. It got down to about 29 inside the tent that night, but other than a couple of snow showers, the night was uneventful. We got up about 5:30 on Sunday morning to try to catch Lone Star Geyser. We arrived back at Lone Start about 8 am…only to learn that it looked like we had missed it by about 15 minutes. That sucked. But we finished hiking out and headed back home after a 20 mile weekend.

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