Colton Cabin

The weekend of 28 Dec 12, Tracy and I went snowshoeing with some friends up to Colton Guard Station on the eastern end of the Uintas.  We drove in on Friday morning and started the trail later on Friday morning.  Most of the trails out to the cabin were actually pretty well packed from snowmobiles, so we didn’t need the snowshoes most of the way, and the hike in was pretty easy.  There was about half a mile of somewhat steep descent down to the cabin itself, but it wasn’t too bad.

The cabin was nice, and we spent some time chopping wood and getting settled in.  We had pulled some of our gear in on sleds, so we then spent some time in the evening and night sledding.  On Saturday we snowshoed around the cabin and did some more sledding.  We then got up before dawn on Sunday and headed back out to the truck.

This was a nice trip.  We had a lot of fun with our friends, and the cabin was nice.  This was the first time we had ever pulled gear on a sled, and it made things quite a bit easier.

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