Fenix HP-11 Headlamp

I like bright lights.  I generally take lighter, dimmer headlamps with me on backpacking trips, but on caving trips I like to have bright lights.  The Fenix headlamps are a great option.

I have a Fenix HP-11 headlamp that offers 277 lumens of light and is water resistant from heavy splashing.  The 277 lumens comes from a turbo mode that is only for temporary use, but the high mode is still a very bright 133 lumens.

The LED light uses 4 AA batteries, which makes the light somewhat heavy, but you need a lot of power to run a bright light.

It would be nice if the light could be submerged in water, but it’s waterproof enough for most caving scenarios.

This headlamp is an older model, and Fenix now makes brighter lights, so check out some of their newer models, such as the HP-15.

Fenix gets mixed reviews from other users, with some really liking them and some reporting problems.  I have never had any issues with mine.  Also, for the price, it’s hard to beat the brightness of these lights.  I would certainly recommend giving one a chance to see how it works for you.

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  1. I’ll have to try this light out one day.

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