DiCAPac WPH10 Waterproof Camera Case

I bought this camera case to keep my camera dry when I’m kayaking, and it works great for that.  I have never dropped the camera in the water, but I’m always worried that I could.  When I bought this case I tested it extensively in the bathtub at home to make sure it was truly waterproof before I trusted my expensive camera in it, and it was completely waterproof.

In order to make it waterproof, though, it’s a little tedious to close the case.  The opening must be zipped closed, rolled up, and then closed down with velcro.  The hardest part is ensuring that the zip closure is completely closed.  While it’s a little tedious, I think this is the best way to seal a case like this, so it’s just something you have to deal with.  You certainly won’t be taking the camera in and out of the case very often simply because of the effort needed to get it in and out.

The other challenge is getting the camera lens lined up correctly with the lens opening of the case while also using the camera buttons.  The camera will often move around a lot, and it’s not easy to manipulate the camera buttons, making it tough to push the buttons while also keeping the lens lined up.  If you don’t manage to keep the lens lined up then you’ll be able to see the case lens in the photo.

Regardless of these challenges, though, the case keeps the camera dry and pictures that are taken from inside the case look good.

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