Long Park

On October 22, 2005, Tracy and I hiked up to Long Park on the Swassey Hole Trail from the Center Park trailhead in the High Uintas Wilderness.  We planned on hiking to Swasey Hole and the lakes there, but when we got to Long Park we just thought it was really pretty, so we decided just to camp there.  Long Park is a really big meadow in the southern end of the High Uintas.  There was a small stand of trees in the middle of the park, but we decided to just throw the camp up in the middle of the field.  That made us good and cold at 4 am!  In fact, we got so cold that night, that we decided that was probably our last backpacking trip in the mountains until spring.  Because it was still fall at 8000 feet, but it was definitely winter at 10000 feet.  Now we’ll just have to focus on the desert canyons.  Nothing much happened on the hike..except we did think we were going to be trampled by an angry deer…but it opted to scream at us and run back into the woods, instead.


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