Bryce Canyon

In October 2005, Tracy and ventured down to south-western Utah. We had never been down that way, so we pretty much just made a weekend driving trip out of it. We first went to Zion National Park, but it was still pretty crowded and they were still running the mandatory shuttle buses, so we didn’t really spend any time there. So then we moved on to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. That was pretty neat. That was our first real exposure to the Utah rocks and canyons. I really want to kayak around Lake Powell…but it seems like the kind of place that would be nice to spend several days paddling. After that, we tried to drive up into Escalante, but it had rained the night before, and the road was impassable in Tracy’s car. So we took the long way around up to Bryce Canyon National Park. That park was really cool. It’s pretty small, but there are just some really neat rock formations in the park. We’re going to go back to Zion later in the year and check it out more closely. And I definitely want to paddle Lake Powell. It’s a good 4-5 hour drive to the area, but it’s what Utah is known for.

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