Over the the long New Year’s weekend of January 1, 2010, Tracy and I went to Yellowstone with Jess and Amber. Winter is a great time to see animals, and we especially wanted to find wolves. We ran into some blowing snow on the drive into West Yellowstone on Thursday night, but other than that, the weather was nice. In fact, there wasn’t nearly as much snow in Yellowstone or Cooke City as we have normally seen. We did a little hiking on the Blacktail Deer Creek Trail and on the Slough Creek Road. We saw just about every winter critter there is to see in Yellowstone: Gray wolves, Bald eagles, Golden eagles, Bighorn sheep, Elk, Bison, Mule deer, and Coyotes. We saw nearly a dozen coyotes…it was kinda weird. We also saw a bunch of eagles outside the park. We heard wolves howling, which is the best part of Yellowstone, I think. All in all, it was another great winter trip to Yellowstone.

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