Blue Spring Cave

On March 25, 2017, Tommy, Jenny, Layne, Tracy, and I took a trip to Blue Spring Cave in Tennessee.  We camped out the night before, which is always pleasant with good friends.  This was our second trip to this cave, and we decided to try to make it to the Mega Junction via the BO Crawl.  We made it to the BO crawl pretty easily in this beautiful cave.  The BO crawl is a long crawl, which demands knee and elbow pads.  Unfortunately, after crawling for a long way, we were unable to find the passage that connected towards the Mega Junction.  We poked around a lot but we were unable to find the correct passage.  So we eventually gave up and headed back out.

As always, it was just fun exploring the cave even though we didn’t make it to where we were headed.  Tracy and I both think Blue Spring might be our favorite cave, and I really want to spend more time exploring it.  When I got home, I read a book by Bill Walter and Larry Matthews about the surveying of this longest cave in Tennessee, which was a great read.  And it made me want to explore the cave even more, and envy people who were able to discover these massive cave systems.

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