Brooks Lake

The weekend of September 28, 2012, we made our annual fall trip to the Tetons to see the elk bugling. For four straight years we didn’t see any elk bugling…we didn’t even see any elk this time. I think we’re going to have to rethink this annual trip. It was still a nice trip, though. We had a hard time with hotels, so we stayed in Rexburg on Friday night, and then drove over Teton Pass into the Tetons. We drove a couple of roads where we used to see moose, and we didn’t see anything. We then hiked around Brooks Lake, which was a really pretty trail. But it was rainy and windy, so we only hiked a few miles up the trail. We then drove back into the Park and drove up the Signal Mountain Road and the road along the Snake River. These were new roads, and they were kind of nice. That night our hotel issues continued, so we drove back over the pass in the dark and stayed in Victor. On Sunday we took a LONG drive back through the entire length of the Wyoming Range by driving the Greys River Road. This was a really pretty road, though, and I’m glad we finally drove it. I would like to explore more of its southern end.

This was a really nice trip, but we didn’t see any wildlife at all. In the past, we used to see moose and lots of elk all over the Tetons and the Wyoming Range, but it’s been several years since we saw anything. I thought maybe we were going too early in September the past couple of years, but this year I waited an extra week. I’m not sure now. Maybe I need to wait until later in October to go to the Tetons, and head to Colorado for fall colors in September.

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