Granddaddy Mountain

On 25 Aug 07, Tracy and I headed up to the Uintas for a cross country hike to the top of East Granddaddy Mountain above Granddaddy Basin of the Uinta Mountains.  This was a really cool hike.  The entire hike was above treeline so that made for some great views.  The entire mountain was also covered with rocks…big rocks, little rocks…rocks were just everywhere.  So it was more rock hopping than it was hiking.  And the mountain sides were almost vertical, making for some really sheer drop offs.  We saw at least one herd of mountain goats, and that was our first herd of wild mountain goats that we’ve ever seen.  Then we made it to the top of the mountain above Granddaddy Basin, and that was just an awesome view.  It was cool looking a couple of thousand feet down to the area we hiked in a lot last summer.  Also, notice in the pictures how sheer the drop off was where my truck was parked…since we were above tree line, I kept looking back at my truck thinking, “I hope I put on the parking break.”  This was a really nice hike.  And, again, we didn’t see anybody out there all day.

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