Highline Trail

The weekend of 19 Jul 08, Tracy and I headed over to the Highline Trail on the east side of the Uintas.  I wanted to get above tree line and I wanted to get away from the mosquitoes.  Well, we got above tree line, but the mosquitoes were really, really bad.  Actually, when we were completely above tree line the mosquitoes weren’t that bad…but on the edge of tree line they were horrible.  We hiked several miles in and then we hit snow.  We couldn’t cross the patch of snow we hit, though, because it angled straight off a cliff.  We climbed above the snow on Leidy Peak, and I went up to get a look at the pass up ahead.  It was really pretty up there, but the pass was still covered in snow.  Since the mosquitoes were so bad down low and the ground was still swampy and snowy up high, we decided to admit defeat and spend the rest of the weekend exploring the east side of the Uintas.  We headed out and drove around some, then camped out in one of the really nice meadows in this area.

The trail was really pretty, and I guess it would be better to go in late August or September to really enjoy it.

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