Slough Creek

The long weekend of May 24, 2013, James and his son, Ben, flew in and we all went up to the Tetons and Yellowstone. James had never been to the Tetons or Yellowstone, and Ben had never been out west, so we wanted to show them how nice it could be. We spent Thursday night in a Forest Service cabin outside of Afton, WY. Tracy and I had stayed in this cabin once in the winter, so it was nice to be able to get to it without having to snowshoe. The next day we drove through the Tetons and hiked a little around Leigh Lake and Hermitage Point. We then continued on to Yellowstone, where we picked up a backpacking permit and visited Old Faithful. We then drove through the Lamar Valley and spent the night in Cooke City. The next day we drove the Beartooth Highway that had just opened. We drove all the way to Red Lodge, but most of the high country was still covered in snow, so we didn’t get to explore much. We then drove back across the mountain and spent another night in Cooke City.

On Sunday we drove out to Slough Creek and started an overnight backpack. We made the climb up the mountain, then dropped down to Slough Creek. The meadows were really pretty, and the hiking was easy. We made it to the campsite after about 5 miles. The site was nice, right beside Slough Creek. We set up camp as a strong wind storm blew through, and then Tracy and I went for a walk on down the trail. It rained a little later, but not too much. We explored around the river some, and then called it a night. The next day we hiked out and made the long drive back home. As always, Yellowstone was great.

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