Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Running Shoe

I like to keep my pack weight low without sacrificing much on comfort or the necessities. This has been a challenge when trying to find footwear for river crossings. It’s a bad idea to keep your boots on when crossing a big river, and it can be painful to try to cross a river barefoot if the river has a rocky bottom. Therefore I usually take sandals to protect my feet when I know there will be deep water crossings on a hike.

But I’ve never been able to find a sandal that I liked because I thought they were always too heavy for the amount of use they were getting while on the trail. The Teva sandals I’ve been carrying for years weighed in at a whopping 18 ounces, and I just couldn’t find anything much better.

And then a couple of years ago a guy introduced me to the Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure Running Shoe. They are crazy light, they drain water perfectly, and they fit snugly. I bought them in my regular  shoe size and they fit well.  They also pack considerably smaller than my old sandals.  And it’s incredible how light they are.

I’ve used them a couple of times for river crossings and they work great. They provide the right mix of protection and light weight.

If you’re looking for a nice, light water shoe, check these out. They’re a little expensive, but they’re well worth the price.

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