Byers Cave

On February 4, 2017, I went to Byers Cave in Georgia with the Huntsville Grotto.  The hike to the cave is a fairly steep climb up the ridge, but it’s not too bad.  The temperature at the entrance was very warm, which was nice for an early February day.  This was a very fun cave.  It had some cool canyons and lots of interesting passages with different levels.  We spent all day in the cave and only explored a small portion.  As always, this cave just made me want to come back and explore more of it.

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  1. Hey I ran across this article looking for a new cave to explore. I’d say we are beginner to moderate, so looking for something horizontal (nothing vertical).

    Would you recommend Byers cave? We’ve done Tumbling Rock and Stephens Gap in Scottsboro AL and loved it and want to go into Georgia. Thanks

    • Honestly, Byers is the only cave I’ve done in Georgia, so I’m not very helpful. Byers is definitely harder than Tumbling Rock and Stephens Gap. You might consider going to Kennamer in Alabama. It’s harder than Tumbling Rock, but not as hard as Byers, so it could be a better cave for developing your skills. I hope that helps!

  2. Very cool place I’ve been there several times however it’s privately owned and off limits so trespass at your own risk. Also there are some crevasses and drops that are extremely dangerous if you lose light you will not find your way out strongly recommend you go with professional cavers or don’t go at all but it’s an experience you’ll never forget. I remember vividly one passage where you have to put your back against one wall in your feet against another and send me your cross if you slip you’ll drop probably 500 ft but continuing on to very tight passages you eventually come into a very large room comparable the size of a baseball diamond and there is a scroll that has been signed by many for over a hundred years said one of those tubes like you see it a drive-thru Bank

    • This cave is now managed by the SCCi, so you can get a permit to visit the cave simply by going to their website and registering for the permit.

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