The weekend of January 18, 2014, we headed back to Yellowstone to see the Lamar Valley one last time before we moved back east and to snowmobile on the Beartooth Highway.  We saw moose, elk, bald eagles, bison, wolves, and bighorn sheep in and around Yellowstone…winter in Yellowstone really never disappoints when it comes to wildlife viewing.

We then headed to Cooke City where we rented a snowmobile and headed up the Beartooth Highway.  This was fun because we have driven this road many times, but we had never been on it when it is closed for the winter.  There was a trailhead at the Chief Joseph Highway, and we were a little confused how to continue on the road where it had been plowed, but we found our way through and continued up the road. 

We made it to an overlook just before the Clay Butte Road, and then turned around to head back.

The snowmobiling was fun.  The views were great, and we just enjoyed seeing the highway in the winter.  It would be nice to be able to go all the way above tree line and explore that, but you’d probably have to start from the Chief Joseph Highway to have enough time.

As always, Yellowstone and Cooke City were great.

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